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For: Deb

Posted by: Rick Evans

My sister is going in for major surgery and they are checking to see if she has cancer. Asking prayer for healing, peace for the family, and wisdom for any decisions that will have to be made. Update: 11/21/17 1:45 P.M.

Deb's surgery was successful. Only one tiny spot of cancer was taken out and there is no need for chemo. Praise God!!! 


For: Tanya Kerbs

Posted by: Janet Seckel

Tanya has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, please pray for healing and wisdom for her. Update: 11/14/17 10:15 A.M.

Tanya has had two surgeries and is now undergoing radiation therapy for another 4 weeks. Please pray for complete healing and strength as she is still working.


For: Joanne Kerbs

Posted by: Janet Seckel

Joanne has a pinched nerve or perhaps arthritis in her back and has been in tremendous pain. She has been prayed over and the pain has lessened praise God! Please pray for complete healing!

For: Bernie Alexander

Posted by: Tawana Jones

Bernie has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is scheduled for major surgery Thursday, 11/2/17. Please lift them up.

Update: 11/07/17 4:54 P.M.

Surgery was successful and Bernie is resting at home. Feel free to send her good wishes on Facebook.


For: Lucile Dewitt

Posted by: Joy Calkins

Lucile broke her wrist and planning for surgery sometime next week. Please pray for healing and strength. Update: 10/17/17 2:40 P.M.

Doctor's not going to do surgery at this time.


For: California Fires

Posted by: Don Calkins

Let's pray for a knock down of the fires in California and for the families of lost and missing loved ones. Currently they estimate close to 700 missing.

For: The victims and their families at the Las Vegas Shooting

Posted by: Don Calkins

Prayer over the Las Vegas Tragedy

For: Marshall

Posted by: Alvin and Sandi Bartsch

Marshall, our neighbor, in the hospital in ICU with sepsis, on a ventilator. Pray for his recovery and for Karen, his wife and Mandy his daughter for comfort and hope during these difficult days. Update: 9/19/17 1:35 P.M.

Marshall passed away yesterday evening. Please continue to pray for Karen his wife and Mandy his daughter. Thank you


For: Ruth Upton

Posted by: LaVerne Upton

Jack's mom, Ruth, has just been told she has stage 4 cancer in her liver. A pet scan and biopsy still need to been done. Asking prayer for healing, peace for the family, and wisdom for any decisions that will have to be made.

For: Jeff Kalberg

Posted by: Robert Kalberg

My brother Jeff is on a waiting list for a heart transplant. In the meantime he is scheduled in a month or to have a mechanical heart implanted. Please pray the Lord would create in him a new heart. Update: 8/12/17 7:45 A.M.

My brother Jeff went home to be with the Lord. Please pray for his wife and family.


For: Lucas       

Posted by:  Kim DeWitt

Please pray for my cousin Lucas who is in the hospital on a ventilator with viral and bacterial pneumonia. He's being heavily sedated and is unable to maintain his oxygen levels.

For: Savannah      


Posted by:  Tanya Kerbs

Please pray for my niece Savannah and our family. Savannah shattered both ankles yesterday and requires some reconstructive surgery in a few days, they are waiting to make sure she doesn't get infections from the wound. Please also pray for her husband Mason and 2 children, Tessla 1 yr and Linkin 3 yr.

For: Alec Grebe     

Posted by:  Robert Kalberg

Alec recently did something to his lower left back and is in a lot of pain. Additionally, his lower left abdomen has been feeling weird, and might be a hernia which might require surgery.

For: McClave Family    

Posted by:  Pastor Don

We just heard Dave McClave was in a fatal accident last night, Please pray for his family.

For: Mike Y.

Posted by:  Mike Y.

I need prayers for the protection against being falsely accused of wrong doing at a former employer. Please also pray for the others also being persecuted.


For: Paula Garcia   

Posted by:  Faith Kalberg

Paula has recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease which affects the auto immune system among other parts of the body.  Paula is under much stress right now which aggravates the symptoms.  Please pray for stress free rest and that complete lifestyle change would go smoothly.

For: Christian Garcia   

Posted by:  Faith Kalberg

Christian has also been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease and needs to have a complete lifestyle change.  Also please pray his environment would become stress free.

For: Garrett Romaine (Bonners Ferry)  

Posted by:  Faith Kalberg

Garrett is a 7 month old baby with Congenital Heart Failure.  He's lost a lot of weight and now is recovering from a cold.  Surgery will be scheduled once he is well enough. Please pray for healing and salvation for the entire family.

For: DeeAnne Fauvor (Sister) 

Posted by: Pastor Don Calkins

Need for immediate prayer! This morning The doctors had started a surgical procedure to take care of growth issues on her arm due to her dialysis side effects, she has had a reaction and is now in ICU. Please pray for her this morning. Update: 3/29/17 5:30 A.M.

DeeAnne went home to be with the Lord. Please pray for her husband and family.


For:  Laura Wisenski & Family

Posted by:  Faith Kalberg

Please pray for Laura who has been battling cancer for 3 years. Her family is struggling when to call Hospice at this time. Update: 3/21/17 8:30 A.M.

Laura went home to be with the Lord early this morning. Please pray for Elizabeth Kalberg and her family.


For: Loren and Sarah Melcher

Posted by: Tawana Jones

Sarah Melcher's mom passed away this week. Please pray for Sarah, her siblings and their step-dad, Tom.

For: Heidi Zeigler

Posted by: Gary Gossett

Heidi was just diagnosed with a brain tumor in the lower right back side of her brain.

For: Jesse & Sara Peterson

Posted by: Don Calkins

Jesse and Sara are struggling financially and Sara is experiencing pain in her stomach.

For: Brandon

Posted by: Nancy Dockter

Please pray for my son, Brandon. He's not feeling well at all, says his health is getting worse. He has an appointment with the Dr soon he says. All I know is that he is suffering!

For: Howard Collison

Posted by: Ramona Simpson

Howard has had a heart attack and is in Deaconess Hosptial. Hopefully he'll have sugery this week. Marge, his wife, is also a wreck and needs prayer.

For: Todd Kerbs (son)

Posted by: Joanne Kerbs

Todd (age 48) is having early signs of heart problems, which have run in the family on both sides for multiple generations. Please pray against these generational heart problems and for healing for Todd.

For: Thomas Kerbs and Family

Posted by: Joanne Kerbs

My son, Thomas Kerbs, and his family will be moving to Fort Riley, Kansas in October to live for the next 4-5 years while he is in the Army. They need to put their house up for rent in WA so they need our prayers.

Update: 11/21/16 2:10 P.M.

Thomas is being deployed to Korea in December; he recently moved to Kansas with his wife and 3 kids.


For: Pamela Moynahan Johnson

Posted by: Melissa Busby

Pam has been fighting ovarian cancer and needs prayers for continued strength and complete healing. Also, prayers for Pams family and Husband Dan to be overcome with peace and strength during this difficult time in their lives.

For: John and DeeAnne Fauvor


Posted by: Della Kenney

DeeAnne and John are trying to find a way to get her a better chance to succeed in her quest for a transplant.  They have been talking to hospitals and feel like they find it here. They need help in finding a place to live up here. They are targeting February as their move date, John has a job lined up for his same company.  It is a big move for the family and pray God will open all the doors to return to their family here and save her life.

For: Vianna White

Posted by: Marty Wheeler

Vianna, one of the youth that attends Edge, has cancer returning in her neck that the doctors thought was gone. She'll have to return to treatments soon. Please pray for strength and courage for her, and above all, complete healing.

For: Home Churches in China

Posted by: Pastor Don Calkins

A home church in Guangzhou (China) has been closed by the government citing lack of proper certificates. The church has spent more than $75,000 (our equivalent) to refurbish. Churches in the region are facing widespread evictions, raids, and threats. Pray that home churches will be able to reopen, Christians will remain strong, and authorities would abide by laws protecting religious freedom.

For: Dean Higgins

Posted by: Nancy Dockter

Dean Higgins has advanced cancer. He has decided to stop Chemo treatments. Please pray for comfort and peace, and for his wife Laura and his family.

For: Baby Hampton

Posted by: Nancy Dockter

Hampton was born 2 months early weighing only 1.5 lbs. He has many issues going on....Please pray for his complete development. Mom and dad are by his side.

For: Stacey Carter 

Posted by: Jocelyn DeWitt

Stacey has advanced breast cancer. She is no longer a candidate for chemo treatment due to her blood count levels being too low, and is having difficulty digesting food without becoming ill. Please pray for miraculous healing and comfort for her family on this journey with her. Update: 8/4/16 7:25 P.M.

Stacey's condition has not gotten any worse since receiving the blanket which is great news.  Still believing for healing.  Please continue to pray, we are having an impact on this woman's life.


For: Rick


Posted by: Kim DeWitt

Rick has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is trying to decide which course of treatment he will choose.  Prayer for he and his wife as they make decisions and for complete healing.  He has already reached out to Alvin & Sandi and is asking for prayer from our Church also. 

For: Rachel Varela

Posted by: Priscilla Varela

Rachel has been diagnosed with cysts in both her liver and lungs. Cancer unsure of at this point.

For: Max Josquin

Posted by:Alec Grebe

Max is my friend Ian's dad and he has already had surgery for lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system), and no heat undergoing treatments of chemo and radiation. Please pray for his continued healing and that his family sees Christ's love!

For: Layne Ainuu

Posted by:Pastor Van Bradeen

Layne is going through chemo treatments for cancer. Please agree with City Life Church and Layne and his family that there will be complete healing and that Layne will be cancer free!!

For: Opeyemi Ekundayo

Posted by:Opeyemi Ekundayo

Please, pray my third year of being homeless is over and I can return to my former home City, Liberty Lake, Washington State. That I have a home or apartment again and possibly employment since I am classified "Civilian" & "Disabled".


For: Anthony & Naphtali Murphy


Posted by: Faith Kalberg

Anthony is one of our wounded warriors having received injury to his brain. He and his family have moved into his in-laws home to receive help with his injuries and rehabilitation. His wife also needs prayer, She is having difficulty with managing her husbands condition and is struggling with her faith. Thank you for your prayers.

For: Linette Freeman

Posted by: Charlie Carter/Bonners Ferry

Linette has lung problems. The bottom of her right lung is not functioning and is inoperable. She is also on oxygen 24hrs a day. Linette is a Christian.


For: Tim's Mother

Posted by: Tim Seckel

Tim's mother has kidney failure and other successive issues that have her in the hospital in Seattle. Please pray for her healing and for her family. Tim is on his way to Seattle.

For: Donielle's Mother

Posted by: Donielle Strickland

Donielle's mother has kidney failure. Please pray for healing and for her family.

For: Priscilla Varela

Posted by: Reuben Varela

Priscilla has been diagnosed with several cysts on her pancreas. Will need surgery in 3 months if they grow 1 more centimeter.

For: Rylan Herst 


Posted by: Megan Taylor

Rylan suffers from HSP. He is a 9 year old boy who will be sick from this infection for at least 2 years. 2 years of Mom and Dad taking his temperature every hour during the night and being in the hospital several days a week. He's so miserable. He's covered in a painful rash and just feels awful all the time. Update: 5/9/16 9:55 A.M.

Rylan has not been in the hospital for weeks and kidneys are functioning. He still needs prayer for healing. Please pray for parents to have a divine revelation of God's healing provision for believers.


For: Sam Kelley

Posted by: Marty Wheeler

My grandfather, Sam, is recovering from a recent major heart attack but is now having trouble breathing, with liquid in his lungs, as he tries to regain strength and breath on his own. Please pray for healing and for God to ease his mind of worry and fear.

For: Steve

Posted by: Nancy Dockter

Please pray for Steve. He has been through a lot of trauma and has suffered along time. He needs healing.

For: Angela

Posted by: Lindy Hampton

Angela is on life support and sedated and in need of healing and salvation. The doctors do not yet know the reason for her collapse.

For: Pastor Tim Remington 

Posted by: Valerie Thompson

Just received this urgent plea; Pray for pastor Tim Remington he was shot four times outside Church. He's on the way to the hospital. Update: 3/11/16 5:30 P.M.

Tim has developed an infection and is in terrible pain. Please pray for healing and excellent medical care.


For: Debbie and baby Cici 

Posted by: Robert Kalberg

A repairman named Dave today asked for prayer for his daughter Debbie, who has type 1 Diabetes, and her newly born baby Cici. Debbie is experiencing extreme complications due to the Diabetes, and Cici was born pre-mature. Debbie is Christian.  

For: Kya Knudsen

Posted by: Pastor Don

Kya is 10 years old and she has been recently diagnosed with ALL a form of leukemia. The family are believers and would appreciate our prayers for their daughter.

For: Chantell White

Posted by: Lindy Hampton

Chantell has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and is waiting on tests that may indicate other health problems. She has a  five year old at home. Please pray for healing and provision.

For: Peggy Moreni

Posted by: Lisa Ratzesberger

She was severely burned by water 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The doctors have given her a 15% chance of survival. I do not know if she knows the Lord. She is the mother of my boss's best friend

For: Son John


Posted by: Paula McGowan

My Son John has stage 3 Colon Cancer.  He has other underlying medical problems causing him more pain, but the Drs. can't test until chemo treatments are over. Please pray for his family also as he has a wife and two small sons. They are Christians.

For: Frank Harris

Posted by: Lindy Hampton

Please pray for salvation for my father. He Has not been able to eat for some time and is fading. He Is 90 years old.

For: Doug Kircher

Posted by: Rick Evans

Doug Kircher has fourth stage cancer. Please pray for salvation for him and a miracle of healing.

For: Stephany, Sherly, Nelly


Posted by: Howard DeWitt

I have a coworker that is going through some intense warfare right now. His sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer & his step mom was diagnosed with breast cancer all within 30 days. All three will have surgery in the coming months in California. His wife & daughter who just moved here from California are moving back to California next week to care for the family. They will be gone for a year.


For: Tom Brubaker 


Posted by: Tawana Jones

Tom Brubaker has outlived his original prognosis with an inoperable, incurable brain tumor, by several years. After a recent stroke the tumor has resumed growth. Tom is in hospice care. Praise God for these unexpected years of life and pray for peace and a miracle of healing.
6/12/15 For: Michelle Miller

Posted by: Lisa Ratzesberger

My sisters friend was diagnosed with colon cancer, she went through surgery and chemotherapy. Her second CAT scan found hot spots. On her 3rd round of chemo she developed an allergy to one of the meds that was in the chemo. She will be going in for HIPEC surgery at Deaconess in Spokane on June 22nd.

For: Sarah


Posted by: Faith Kalberg

Our new friend we've been ministering to has revealed some major spine injuries from a car accident about two years ago. With Medicaid and extremely tight finances, she can't afford surgery. Please pray for salvation for her and her husband, and a miracle of healing on her back.

For: Isaiah & Luke

Posted by: Tina Brown

These sweet little boys have a genetic disease that effects male children, they develop normally for the first year or two then they regress, the life expectancy is around ten years old, Isaiah is 5 and Luke is 7. They have lost the ability to walk, and talk. Doctors are considering placing a feeding tube in Luke's abdomen. Both boys have seizures.


For: Stryker Waldo


Posted by: Tina Brown

My 2 year old grandson has severe allergies to the point that there are only five or six foods that he can eat. He has been rushed to the emergency room four times for anaphylactic shock. He always has a rash throughout his body, his feet swell, he at times cannot bend his legs and arms due to pain and swelling. He doesn't know what it's like to feel normal. My daughter and her husband have to be very careful when they take him anywhere. The doctors cannot find an answer.


For: Family Member

Posted by: Tawana Jones

A member of our extended family is being tested for suspected pancreatic cancer. Pray for complete healing and acknowledgment of Jesus as Savior.

Update: 2/26/15 9:05 P.M.
Testing results show the cancer has metastasized. We believe for complete healing.
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