Daily Devotional for Sunday June 25, 2017

Daily Readings:
2 Kings 8:1-9:13, Acts 16:16-40,
Psalm 143:1-12, Proverbs 17:26

They replied, "Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with your entire household."
-Acts 16:31

Household salvation is a promise stated throughout the Word of God. Paul told the Philippian jailer that if he gave his heart to Jesus, he and his family would be saved. That night both he and his entire family became Christians (Acts 16:34). At that moment, all their names were recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life.

As the children of Israel waited for judgment to fall upon their nation, they were instructed to offer a lamb for a household (Exodus 12:3). We should never stop pressing this claim of the Word of God for our families to be saved from the wrath to come.

We must daily bring our families and relatives before the Father. Noah entered the ark with his entire family. Job prayed continually for his children, in case one of them had done something to offend God. It pleases the Lord when we remind Him of our kindred relationship to our families and stand against Satanís attempts to totally defeat them.

Place the blood of Jesus daily over the doorpost of your household. Claim today that all your household will join you in heaven and will bring you joy here on earth as well!

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