When he was nine years old, Don Calkins invited friends from his neighborhood to his house. He fed them milk and cookies, and then preached the gospel from a makeshift pulpit in the upstairs landing of his family’s home. It was a shadow of things to come.

His early up bringing was at Bible Temple (became City Bible Church), where he sat under the rich teachings of Rev. Dick Iverson and enrolled in Portland Bible College. Meeting his wife (Joy) there at PBC, reinforcing the acronym change to "Portland Bridal College," they moved to Spokane, Wa - Joy's native city.

A few years past, Calkins became a staff pastor of worship and/or youth at two different churches in the Inland Northwest - Zion Christian Center, Spokane, and Prairie Avenue Christian Center, Hayden. He is a member of Minister's Fellowship International, a parent organization to over 1,500 churches throughout the world, headquartered in Portland, Oregon. He and his wife, Joy, have three sons, three daughter in-laws and ten grandchildren.

After years of prayer and seeking God's direction, Prairie Avenue Christian Center sent a small team out to launch a new church in Liberty Lake, Wa. On Easter Sunday, March 27, 2004, Lakeside began a fresh new ministry and adopted the community to their hearts.

The first location was the Liberty Lake Community Church where they met for one year. Then moved to a small office warehouse facillity and made that their home for another six years. At the current location on Mission Avenue, it a new beginning, and are growing and believing God for a greater mission in this city and beyond. We are the church on "Mission."

"Helping to birth a new church is a labor of love," said Calkins. "As with our children, and now our grandchildren, we're excited to feed people and care for them, and have them grow up to fulfill their destiny in God. That's what Lakeside Church is all about."