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Podcasting is a new way of delivering audio content across the internet. Much like a subscription to a newspaper, podcasting allows you to "subscribe" and receive updates automatically! It's all good and it's all free!

Lakeside Church is pleased to offer our archived and latest sermons. This allows you to subscribe to our messages using iTunes (version 4.9 of higher required), and receive new sermons as they become available -- without ever even opening your web browser!

Once downloaded, the sermon can then be synced to your iPod or burned to CD, all within the latest version of iTunes.

Step One: Install iTunes

The latest version of iTunes is available directly from Apple's website. Just download and install; there's both Mac and PC versions! Again, make sure you have version 4.9 (or above). Remember itunes is your computer program and it is through this program that syncs up with your ipod.

Step Two: Subscribe

Next, open up your new "itune's" program and then click on the "itunes store" link. Once you have accessed the store, all you have to do is type in "Lakeside Church Sermons" in the search window and iTunes will go directly to a short list of subscription options. You'll see our podcast preview image (click there) and a listing of the recent 10 messages will then be available. (You can download an individual message from here, also.) Click the "subscribe" button to subscribe to the podcast.

Step Three: Download

As soon as you've successfully subscribed, the latest message will automatically begin downloading and you will see the previous messages listed (but greyed out). Please allow some time for the download, since the file size can be large depending on sermon length. After it is complete, you may begin listening to the message

If you'd like to download previous messages, simply hit the "GET EPISODE" button next to the title. --

Step Four: Sync

Before syncing with your iPod, you must ensure you have the latest iPod software installed on the iPod. Visit Apple's iPod software page to download it. This makes it so your iPod can transfer and understand the podcast and list it correctly. Follow all the instructions given to update and install the software on your iPod.

After you have updated your iPod, make sure it is plugged in and listed on the "iTunes" source menu located on the upper left-hand side. If iTunes does not automatically sync the podcasts, go to the File menu and select "Update iPod" to manually sync. The new message (podcast) will be listed under the "Podcast" menu on your iPod (Music > Podcasts). Your iPod will remember where you stopped listening so that you don't have to search through the message to find the location you quit or stopped.

You can change your preferences (the way podcasts are updated on your iPod) by pressing the "settings" button. The Podcast preference window appears -- now press the "iPod Preferences" button. You may choose to only have certain podcasts synced, or select how are synced (for example, choose to only have certain podcasts synced, or select how are synced (for example, you may only want the messages you haven't listened to do be synced).


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